About Us

Founded in 2016 in Semarang, Indonesia,
Needleworks Studios has grown from a small workshop specializing in bespoke boro-style patchwork repairs to launching a ready-to-wear line in 2018.
This line blends the rugged charm of vintage military and workwear with a diverse array of other vintage styles, all through a modern, experimental lens.
Run by a close-knit, family-like team, the studio prides itself on its artisanal approach, emphasizing the handcrafted, personal touch that elevates their style, reflecting a deep commitment to quality and craftsmanship in the heart of a small but passionate business.
An extension of NwS, founded in 2022
Designed for the modern woman, MATA CLOTHiER is rooted in classic style and modern versatility. Each collection thoughtfully combines unique deadstock materials with timeless designs.
This selective use of materials ensures that every piece not only stands out as distinctive and limited but also enhances the exclusivity and quality of the garment.